Preaching sermons

Former Superintendent of the Northern New England District Council of the Assemblies of God, now Superintendent Emeritus ; NOTE: Rev. Dennis Marquardt served 20 years (2002-2022) as the Superintendent of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God which covers the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont (101 Churches)..

In this lecture on preparing a sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones considers some of the mechanics of sermon preparation such as topical preaching, expository preaching, and tips for covering the whole counsel of God’s word. Working under the framework of Christian liberty and the freedom of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Lloyd-Jones talks about the pros.

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...the Modern World," is relevant to everyone here, not only to those who are called to preach sermons from the ambo. This, then, is why we Orthodox Christians are called to preach the Gospel of Christ. Recently, Nov. 1 marked the observance of All Saints Day. We remembered those who have gone before us to be with the Lord, and prayed for those who we grieve. We give thanks for the life they.

In the most famous sermon ever preached, Jesus sets forth eight statements that provide the best definition of a disciple ever delineated. Developing a Disciple’s Attitude In a classic comic, Calvin and Hobbes are talking about the New Year when Calvin says, “I’m getting disillusioned with these new years. They don’t seem very new at all.

The following is an indexed list of solidly Reformed text sermons, suitable for preaching or study. The indexes should make it simple to find the desired sermons by either Author, Text, Occasion or Topic. You may also use the keyword search provided by FreeFind..